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Vavasaur Magazine

The pricing below is based on a small circulation magazine printed on newsprint or inferior paper.

Full pages receive more attention than any other size print media.

Profiles are what people want to read.

Copyright freedom of your feature page (priceless).

Cost: $1,800 – $5,000, one time

Full ownership of your photo.

Cost: $225 – $350

Perception of a successful, ethical, and established publication. International award-winning magazine.

Cost: Priceless

Your photo and contact information are displayed on the VAVASAUR® website all year with a description of what you do and contact information. The magazine will have a flipping book application; the reader can read the magazine


Cost: $350 per year

You are being promoted for a full year.

Cost: Priceless

VAVASAUR® Magazine launch to teach you what you need to know about marketing yourself.

Cost: Priceless

Your Cost only – $1,599.00 plus GST

Vavasaur Mastermind

$270.00 plus GST

Two Page Spread

$2,895.00 plus GST

Four Page

$4,800.00 plus GST